Retail Vending Services

VP Solutions has a broad network of contacts with vending suppliers and retailers alike, which puts VP Solutions in a unique position of being able to bring parties together to create an ideal partnership.

Typically it is not uncommon for a retailer or leisure group to use VP Solutions to manage a number of vending suppliers in order to create a single point of contact for a number of vending products.

We work with vending suppliers and brand owners to arrange retail site surveys in order to ensure that the right vending option is adopted in the best location to ensure maximum revenues for all parties. We conduct contract negotiations and manage and control the installation of machines at single sites, or more commonly multiple sites within a retail group.

A vital part of the process is to provide up to date sales information for the retailer. Typically, a retailer will receive a report showing monthly sales and commissions on a 'site by site' basis, thus enabling precise value and performance monitoring. Ongoing account management ensures that any new opportunities in the market can be analysed and capitalised on to ensure maximum income levels for all concerned.

It is not uncommon for VP Solutions to identify and introduce one vending solution and subsequently recommend and implement further complimentary solutions which are then adopted. This approach enhances the 'one stop shop' benefit.